Child Custody & Support in Arlington, TX

A parent’s worst nightmare is losing the ability to see their children after or even during a divorce. In Texas, most divorced parents get possession of their children at least every other weekend, every other major holiday, during the summer, and at least one weeknight per week. Some parents are able to work out an even more split-time schedule.

While the ideal situation is the parents being able to work out a custody situation that fits everyone’s schedule, this does not happen very frequently. Most child custody cases end up with the parties agreeing to Texas’ standard possession schedule, which is laid out in the Texas Family Code and is generally the schedule as mentioned above.

Sometimes, especially when there is a fight for primary custody, a judge or jury is asked to determine the possession schedule. Leaving your child’s future up to a judge or jury can be a scary scenario. You always have the option of taking your case before a judge or jury, but Donna believes everyone leaves happier when the parties can collaborate and come to an agreement.

Child custody issues are typically handled during a divorce proceeding. But they can be taken to court even if the parties aren’t married or if the father’s paternity is in question. Call to setup a consultation with Donna to discuss your child custody case.

Child Support Attorney

No matter what end of the child support issue you’re on, Attorney Donna Smiedt can help. If you’re a single parent who needs financial support for your child, you have certain rights in Texas for getting support from the other parent. If you’re a parent who does not have custody of your child and is being asked to pay child support, you should consider retaining an attorney to ensure you pay a fair amount.

If you’re filing for a divorce and you have children, the child support issue will be handled during the divorce proceedings. It’s important that your attorney handles the child support issue in your divorce carefully, as it can be difficult to change the amount of support you either pay or receive after the divorce is finalized.

Donna also handles parents who want to modify a previous child support order. If it’s been 3 years since the last order or if there’s been a material and substantial change, you may be eligible for a modification of a previous child support order. But just because the non-custodial parent begins making more money does not necessarily entitle you to an increase in child support.

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